What are social blasts?

We can now create advertisements for your listing on your behalf! It may sound too good to be true but it's definitely possible!

Here's everything you need to know about our Social Blasts:

Before we can get started, you need to have a quick on-boarding session with us so we can be granted access to your Facebook account. This session is subject to our one time on-boarding fee. Once complete, we can then create advertisements for you moving forward*. You'll be able to check and follow up with any generated leads.

*If you don't wish to pay the on-boarding fee, we can still create these advertisements, but we will post them on our Odyssey3D Facebook page. We would then share any generated leads with you.

You must order an InstaVid in order to have a Social Blast done. We use the InstaVid as the media to create the advertisement. We have found these videos generate the best results!

You must also decide on a Facebook Ad-Budget, which is not included in our fee and is paid directly to Facebook. We strongly recommend $100 for 3 Days. We have found that this generates the best results, however you can decide on whatever budget and timeframe you like. If you have any questions about Facebook Ad-Budgets, check out our Help Centre link “What is a Facebook Ad-Budget?